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The Harsh Realities of Life as a Pro Gamer

Esports and competitive pro gaming are becoming a reality for an elite tier of video gamers in the United States and globally. The world-wide audience for these digital sports are around 134 million, according to recent reports by Superdata. Prize pools are climbing to as much as $3 million in some leagues. If you cannot find meaning in the macro universe, why not find it the virtual micro universe of gaming. Some of these young competitors follow a rigorous regime, more akin with Olympian athletes. Practicing around 7 hours a day to hone the skills that will give them the edge.

The Harsh Realities of Life as a Pro Gamer

What are the ultimate career prospects for the elite pro gamer? Is it flying drones for the US military over war lords in Africa and ISIS targets in the Middle East? Video gamers using their once childlike skills to rain targeted terror down upon state sanctioned enemies? The world is a fast-changing place; and the realms of fantasy and reality intermingle at the digital end of the spectrum. There is, even, an athletics program at RMU in Illinois, which revolves around competitive video games. Military recruiters for the various arms of the US government would doubtless be sniffing around that joint.

Overindulgence in Indoor Pursuits

Is staring intently at a screen and pushing buttons ferociously a stressful activity? Do these young gamers have to manage health risks, as part of their pathway to success and pixilated glory? How do they maintain appearances? Are they too pasty faced and puffy from their overindulgence in these indoor pursuits?  I have seen the future and it is young human beings in darkened rooms peering into screens. Some of these determined young men are receiving sponsorship from companies associated with their pro gaming competitions.

Gamers Are Burning Out

Other relatively youthful gamers are burning out from the intensity of the activity, without taking home a million-dollar payload. Grandmaster by the age of 13 and on the scrap heap before turning 20, is fast becoming a familiar narrative and timeline. The super duper prize money is still only available for a tiny number of elites in the pro gaming field. The pot of gold at the end of the digital rainbow, is still, mainly, a myth for most. Gamers who have hung up the death stare and arthritic fingers report that it is like returning to an earthly dimension after a prolonged altered state.

Call of Duty Strategies: Get the Drop on Pro Campers

Gamers of the world unite, we are called to do battle and it is a matter of duty. I know that you secretly long to face the rigours of real battle. To strategise like the generals of the most famous conflicts in history. To taste the seared bitterness of mortar fire at the back of your throat. To see and smell the blood and gore of dismembered body parts. To fear the cold clench of death on your shrunken testicles. To go beyond mere digital approximations into something out there.

Call of Duty Strategies: Get the Drop on Pro Campers

Well, until that time happens, and with President Trump in the White House, you may not have to wait that long, here are some virtual combat strategies to consider. It’s all about multiplayer situations; and remember it is vital to keep moving at all times. Discover the hot spots, Amigo, those dastardly ‘chokepoints’ and bunker down. Killing enemies with the last clip in your magazine, that is a challenge we must, at certain times, all face. Stay safe within the spawn zone, when firing off all your ammo, Comrade.

Jump onto a kitchen benchtop and blast those sons of bitches to kingdom come. Be careful of incurring a sports injury, and remember you can always hide behind the bar, Compadre. Get the drop on those pro campers and win the bloody game. Wait for that clean shot, be patient, when it is advisable to do so. Getting them in the head is more important than wasting shots by laying down a lot of fire. Too many reloads will cook your goose, Buddy. Stay calm and aware throughout the game. Learn from your mistakes, wherever possible.

Strategy and more strategy takes the cake! Call of Duty demands adherence to strategy, if you are to blow the scumbags away. Black Ops III is the bestseller in the arsenal at this moment in time for multiplayer online combat. As you progress through the levels, you will unlock new and exciting weaponry. Keep at it and you will get better at killing, don’t get down on yourself if it takes a few games. It took me about 28 hours to reach level 44 and my kill to death ratio was nothing to write home about. However, I was not looking for a new antidepressant prescription, rather I plugged away at the killing and mayhem, until I got better at it.