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Professional Gamers Take Ergonomics Very Seriously

The powers that be at NASA and in the military forces in the US, Australia and in most places around the globe take ergonomics pretty seriously. They want their pilots and gunners to be ideally postured to achieve the very best outcomes possible. If a comfy chair is going to be the difference between landing on the moon and not, or taking out an enemy fighter in a war zone or being blown to bits, then, money is going to be spent on that chair. Gamers and the game designers like to see themselves as reproducing a virtual reality of the real thing.

Professional Gamers Take Ergonomics Very Seriously

Yes, professional gamers take ergonomics very seriously. If you are going to spend a good portion of your life sitting on your arse, you want to be comfortable. The gaming set ups they use: the controllers, screens etc. have all been designed by geeks to optimise their performance. Where a gamer sits and how he or she sits is paramount to the gaming experience. Whether they are driving virtual high speed racing cars, firing high tech weaponry at aliens, or clashing swords with elves or dwarves, they need to be ergonomically positioned for best results.

There are too many stories floating around in the biosphere about bent over gamers, prematurely crippled from their obsessive behaviour in front of screens. Childhoods spent with controllers permanently clasped in arthritic fingers and young bodies locked into petrified poses. The money gamers spend on professional chiropractors is a direct response to the problems faced by these twisted and preternaturally deformed gamers. The industry is crying out for ergonomic solutions to this devastating global trend. Professional gaming set ups must meet this humanitarian challenge, before it is too late.

The real enemy is not the invading alien force, the charging warriors on the battlefield, or the thousand and one other virtual scenarios, it is this scourge of damaged bodies and limbs caused by poor postures whilst gaming. Chiropractors and physios are in the frontline of this very real and bloody battle. Mums and dads are seeing the tragedies in their own children’s lives, right before their eyes. Gamer kids are slipping between the cracks and there is not enough being done by governments to arrest this dysfunctional plague, which is scarring the western world. Ergonomic chairs must be on the agenda, through our domestic policies in health and education. Stop the rot, before it is, just, too late.


Heroes & Maidens: Virtual Unions

heroes & maidens: virtual unions

Believe it or not, a handful of gaming companies has launched online games where the heroes and maidens actually make love and not war. Since majority of today’s online games is focused on killing monsters and/or saving the princess, a new genre was conceptualised where players take a character and meet, flirt, and even have sex with other characters. Some find it more exciting than having Liaisons Sydney style.

Heroes & Maidens: Virtual Unions

A new generation of video games is adding a new layer to the online gaming experience. The storyline now involves romance where heroes and maidens can be intimate with each other. The Daily Dot reported that dalliances started to be a part of video games in the past decade. Over the years, simple love interests scenario between game characters evolved and become more sexual.

Game designers have their own way of incorporating romantic elements in games. For instance, the Fable series lets players work on their relationships with other characters. The evolution of romance in video games reached a point where players can have same-sex relationships, and even polyamorous affairs. The creators of Fallout 4 explored this kind of romance option. Virtual characters can flirt, have sex and have romantic connections with multiple game personas simultaneously.

Marriages also happen in video games. For example, through mods and the support of Dragon Age fans, virtual unions of romanced characters are possible in the game.

Connection Between the Players and their Game Characters

In understanding the relationship of players and their virtual personas, we must focus on the players themselves instead of circling the online realm. One of the reasons why game enthusiasts are ecstatic over heroes and maidens virtual unions is their low self-esteem. In a study involving players of multi-user online role-playing games (MMORPGs), researchers found out that those with low self-esteem compensate their lack of confidence on their virtual characters. Since romance can now happen between heroes and maidens, these players get stuck up with virtual romance rather than their real-life romance. Truth be told, they are missing out a lot.

The environment of virtual games also allows players to express themselves in anonymity and without being judged; hence, the proliferation of polyamorous relationship of game characters and the exploration of ‘odd’ romantic and sexual encounters.

Virtual Worlds: The Many Facets of Computer Games

According to a 1994 article of The New York Times, computer games will destroy our reading practice. But in reality, computer games actually helped us in so many ways. Yes, there may be some cons to it, such as betting on games and computer addiction. If you look at a different perspective, there are benefits that far outweigh the drawbacks of computer games.

Today’s technology no longer restricts us from playing our favorite computer games in our laptops and computers. Some of these games can now be enjoyed using our smartphones, tablets and video game consoles. This being said, these games still give players the same rush, excitement and satisfaction while completing various game levels and objectives.

Virtual Worlds: The Many Facets of Computer Games

The computer games we know are more than a pastime that consumes a lot of our time. In fact, if you go over these digital games, they encompass different elements that make them a total hit with gamers. For instance, the music and the visuals largely contribute to the overall feels and design of the game. In addition, the addictiveness and immersion factors of the computer game have a hand in keeping the players entertained.

Apart from the technical aspects, another component of computer games is their propensity to induce gambling through competitive gaming. As a matter of fact, ESPN and other forms of mainstream media are now covering computer game matches. In countries where placing bets in computer game competitions are illegal, the audience can still win prizes just by signing up.

Bloomberg reported the gambling problems facing eSports and other computer games. As per their report, players are said to be involved in the use of performance enhancing drugs, while spectators are embroiled in underage gambling issue.

Benefits of Computer Games

Despite the hullabaloos surrounding computer games, they present strong points, especially on how they help children with their studies. Aside from being a good form of entertainment, computer games improve the players’ thinking, teamwork and social skills. This is manifested through puzzle games where players are given with problems that they should resolve. More so, multiplayer computer games establish camaraderie among local players. These games also give opportunity for players to interact with other family members, friends or even with strangers.

In an article published in The Huffington Post, video games are said to be a good instrument in helping kids do better in school. There are studies that show that computer games aid in the development of the children’s intellectual and emotional skills. Moreover, these games promote individualized learning and teach new technical skill sets.

Networking: Connecting All the Players for a Cause

Connectivity plays a very important role in this modern day and age. A huge number of companies in the present relies heavily on stable communication in order to convey their message to their clients in a seamless and instantaneous manner. Having a direct line of communication to your clients is indeed a very much welcomed feature. This however, is only made possible with the emergence of networking programs that linking parties together in ways that seemed impossible before.

Networking: Connecting All the Players for a Cause

People today will not be finding any shortage of networking programs each having their own respective function and features they offer to their clients. Office intranet for example, is considered to be a very much sought after tool by a huge number of companies in the present. What it does is that it allows companies today to enhance their employees while at the same time keep IT costs to a minimum. This in turn makes it a timely and effective office networking solution that helps its users save a fair amount of time and resources with their day to day activities.

One of the more popular office intranet solutions is created by the Microsoft Company themselves. Office 365 is the brand name Microsoft uses for a group of software and services subscriptions, which together provide productivity software and related services to subscribers. It should be noted that Office 365 caters to consumers as well as to business users each having their respective function and purpose.

The use of Microsoft Office apps on Windows and macOS, provides storage space on Microsoft’s cloud storage service OneDrive, and grants 60 Skype minutes per month is what the service allows their consumers to do. On the other hand, e-mail and social networking services through hosted versions of Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server, SharePoint and Office Online, integration with Yammer, as well as access to the Microsoft Office software are the tools business users are provided with.

Microsoft is a very large company and as such, Office 365 is not their only focus. As they strive to improve Office 365, the company also provides its users the option to use SharePoint which is a web based application that integrates with Microsoft Office. The product comprises many different components and can perform a wide variety of tasks. This includes SharePoint Server, Excel Services, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Integration, Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Business Connectivity Services (BCS), Document Libraries, Blogs, Discussion Boards, Dashboard Designer, Report Builder and many more.

With the increasing popularity of office intranet solutions, a huge number of developers have stepped up to answer its growing demand. Workplace Facebook has already been adopted by more than 1,000 companies. Named as the “Email Killer” Facebook hopes the new product will replace businesses’ previous internal communications tools, such as intranet and mailbox. This in turn helps simplify the office connectivity solution especially since employees will be doing their task in a single platform.

Office intranet does indeed provide plenty of exciting opportunities to a huge number of companies in the present. With that being said, this type of technology comes with its own drawbacks that need to be considered. Having your information compromised is something that companies don’t want to happen and as such, they need to learn how to fend off hacker attacks to keep them safe. It is also important to keep your office solutions updated with security updates and patches with notorious hackers just around the corner.

Dirty Games Done Dirt Cheap: Sticky Keys

Computers nowadays serve as titillating and alluring modern-day sex toys. This is because of the popularity of cyber sex and the utilization of computers in getting off. People do this through porn streaming or playing around online with cam girls.

Exploring one’s sexuality is now very common, thanks to the Internet. In fact, there are literally thousands of websites that feature an array of sexual content. These include sexual photos, erotic videos, live sex and stripping sessions on webcam. The Internet has also paved the way for a convenient alternative for meeting people who want to get off on or off cam. Moreover, the anonymity that the Internet presents make it easier for people to subsume their penchant for sexual materials in the comforts of their own homes.

Dirty Games Done Dirt Cheap: Sticky Keys

The Internet introduced a new side of intimacy, where people relate to other people on a more intimate level electronically. Years ago, cyber sex meant reading or watching adult materials online. But with the beckoning of adult chat sites, anyone can now fulfil their sexual fantasies with random people or paid cam models.

Over the years, we have seen the growth of video chat sites that cater the sexual needs of gay, bisexual and heterosexual men and women. Cam websites make it more straightforward for people to create connections, establish relationships and ultimately, release the body’s sexual tension. For instance, anyone can now watch horny, live girls on cam. There are also gay cams that some find addictive, especially to those in the gay community. These cam performers make huge money just by stripping on cam or performing naughty acts depending on their clients’ preference. In fact, they are now regarded as the new porn superstars, mainly because of the industry’s billion dollar profit.

There is nothing wrong with engaging in cybersex. In fact, research shows that people who participate in this kind of virtual sex actually have greater emotional stability. Cybersex has also proven that it can deliver people’s different sexual needs. As a matter of fact, a study covering 1,600 participants illustrated that 80 percent of them experienced sexual liberation from cybersex.

Things We Must Appreciate From Online Marketing

Technology has been playing a very important role in the modern Era. The use of internet has been a necessity for every home in every corner of the world. Online marketing speaks so much convenience, accessibility, timelessness and affordability, with the use of internet, online marketing has been the new generation’s shopping experience. To discover more of the best things online marketing offers us, here are the following things you will surely appreciate from it.

Ever convenient

The revolution of technology, the discovery of internet and the born of online marketing have been the source of all these innovations offering capabilities for everybody to open and operate business around the globe and clock. These things made us rid of paying overtime for our business staff, spend so much for building materials, and expensive advertisements. Customers will also in advantage of that convenience, in a way that they will be able to shop, anytime and anywhere without the need for travel and wasting time for visiting all possible shops.

Cost Friendly for everybody

This is so undeniable for both the business owner and the customers. Business owners such as you will always be capable of supplying your shop with stocks that are directly from manufacturers without the need of travelling abroad just to fetch all the merchandizes. All you have to do is to communicate with them if ever you got buyers, and the buyers will be the one paying for the shipment.

Buyer’s advantage is that, since sellers took products with a very affordable capital, buyers will enjoy a lesser price than buying from malls which prices that have been topped with company’s expenses for celebrity endorsements. Not just that, you may have all your time spent with more important matters than to just waste it searching products you need anywhere else. Save your gas with more important destinations that to just spend it to shop, no worries, because products will be delivered straight to your home.

Develops Closer Relationship between seller and buyer

Technology and internet has been a very important key in building good relationship between the buyer and the seller through better and personal communication. This way, the seller will be capable of catering toall the buyer’s inquiries in real time, thus, that will create better impression to the buyer, feeling important that every need is answered right away most especially when the product is in need of fitting.

The Use of Social Media

Nothing does so good when it comes to advertisement than the use of social media, where posts and shares will drag your products into the spotlight in no time. This is so much opportunity for you to grab and let people discover your products without the need of hiring advertisers. Promotion will be just a piece of cake for you, through the use of social media, you can maximize your product’s creativity with use of catchy and interesting information provided for your potential buyers; it’s easy as that.

Quick Guide to Google Penalty Recovery- Saving Your Online Business of Charges

When you are in the industry of online business, there are things that you would really need to know in making any actions most especially when you are setting your website to the Google’s Page Ranking. With this, SEO plays a very important role of making your business get better ranking in no time, yet, a simple mistake you are to make corresponds to a penalty that your website will surely suffer, affecting your business and sales. Now, you will be going to know proper ways of preventing things to happen, from getting sued of any reasons you are unaware of and that is through the use of Google penalty recovery, making you capable of recovering your website before it will be charged by Google. Refer to the following information to serve as your guide.

Know the Types of Penalties

There are actually two types of penalties that your online business will be prone to, and the very first thing you must be aware of is that traffic drops do not always mean that you are already penalized, because the majority of cases are just due to technical issues and changes with algorithm.

The first type of penalty is the Manual Type which Google is employing raters with manual quality. They are the ones authorized by Google to give your site the penalty if things happen in fishy ways. Yet, you will never have to worry, for Google will give you full transparency when you are penalized, you will be receiving notice so that you will still be able to save your online business from any charges sometimes you are not even aware of.

The Second type of Penalty is the Algorithmic in which you will not be able to see this with the manual type. Google is very keen regarding with spams and with different types of violations and then you will be penalized. If you have SEO with keywords that are almost necessarily redundant, Google will mark you as spammer.

Identification of Problems and Solution Giving

Now, after you understood your penalty, time for you to respond with an accurate solution. The first thing you do is to fix all the found unnatural links with your website. This time, you may need to hire other services that will give you list of backlinks and find the inbound links. Link detox will give you one sure solution of identifying unnatural links. They may cost you a bit but this will worth your investment.

Asking For Reconsideration

A request for reconsideration may be done when you were penalized manually. As Google will receive your request and the manual rater will reevaluate your site with satisfaction, your site will be free from any penalty given. You may search on how you will be able to send a request for review.

These are simplified guide for you to follow when you always want your website to be free from penalties and charges.

Contributions of Technology for Computer Games

In this modern time, computer games have undoubtedly successfully globalized. Of course, this would not be possible without technology. Technology has everything to do with the computer games from the consoles, to the platforms, to the games themselves. With the massive number of people, both young and old, recognizing computer games as part of their lives, success has been rightfully claimed by video game creators. Globalization of these games can also be referred to as the various ways to which the market of computer games and the experiences of the players have dominated above normal levels in different borders around the globe and this is all because of the ever-evolving technology.

Different platforms have also globalized the different types of online gamers around the globe. With the increasing number of gamers being the biggest factor of this globalization, gaming companies also continuously try to keep up with their different demands to keep them satisfied and, in return, keep their business booming. These gamers from different areas would either contest against each other or help one another, whether they may be at the same area, state, or country or not. One thing’s for sure, technology and the globalization of these video games has certainly provided a benefit in the form of camaraderie that has been developed between different gamers around the globe.

Now, the majority if not all of these gaming developers, when they have finished developing a new game or two, will be introducing these new video games directly into the international gaming market and due to the large amounts of supportive gamers around the globe, these new game releases so far have been very successful for different companies, platforms, and consoles for the past couple of years now. Also, the idea of releasing these new video games directly to the international market also serves a very important purpose: so that particular games would not be localized in some areas or regions.

Being that the sole source of this success is technology, then nonstop evolution of games should also be greatly and generally be considered by game developers. Also, as technology evolves, consoles and games also evolve as gamers would also demand this evolution. As time passes by, gamers would look for new challenges in the types of games. With this, gaming developers, in order to survive in this business in the market, should continue to develop new games along with possible new consoles and/or platforms to keep up with the growing demands of gamers and also, of course, to keep with their competitors.

Nonstop evolution is the key for video game developers in order to stay running in the business. Being creative and unique are two very important factors to remember when it comes to developing new types of games. As technology provides limitless access to everyone to almost everything we need, it is up to the different game developers to formulate something to win the hearts and minds of gamers to prove themselves that they are capable of staying in THE GAME.