Why We Are So Excited About Far Cry 5

Firstly, Far Cry 5 sees the return of the map editor to this console game. This map editor will have new features to boot. Ubisoft have, also, ensured that you can play the game in two-player co-op. Plus, players will have greater control over the protagonist. You can make adjustments regarding gender and race. Your Nick Rye character has a few new tricks up his or her sleeve, with aeroplanes and dogfights on the menu over Hope County. This deputy aint walking away from a fight anytime soon. Which is why we are so excited about Far Cry 5.

New Far Cry 5 Features

Ubisoft have come to the party with new Far Cry 5 features on board. Available on PS4 (Pro), Xbox One (Scorpio), and PC from February 2018. This is a powerful open-world game, which you can, also, play with a friend. Is this virtual world big enough for these new features? That is a question I have been asking myself. Planes cover a lot of distance very swiftly; will this dwarf this open-world? Apparently, you will be able to have your dog rip out a baddy’s throat and bring your weapon back to you. Man’s best friend? Sure, sounds like it.

Gritty Content Theme Meets Dark American Subculture

Gritty content theme meets some of the dark underlying issues within American culture in the modern era. Live free of legal problems courtesy of the simple solution of the gun. Is there any other civilisation in the world so enraptured with the modern weapon? Ultimately, everything and every answer to every problem revolves around the gun, it seems. Grab a coffee and it’s time to get comfy on the couch for some serious virtual killing in Montana. Christian fanatics with guns are modelled on the Waco siege, I am sure.

Preachers, Bartenders & Pilots Feature

Taking on this modern-day militia, echoes much in modern American history. Mormons being slaughtered in Illinois in the nineteenth century. Mormons in Utah massacring settlers and blaming it on the Indians. These all spring to mind in relation to the gritty Far Cry 5 theme. Preachers, bartenders and pilots feature as character types in this version of the game. Real world or whacky distortions of real world scenarios are becoming game favourites in the twenty first century. Way out west beats the violent heart of the real America, according to the undercurrent ripping beneath these pixels and bytes.