Heroes & Maidens: Virtual Unions

heroes & maidens: virtual unions

Believe it or not, a handful of gaming companies has launched online games where the heroes and maidens actually make love and not war. Since majority of today’s online games is focused on killing monsters and/or saving the princess, a new genre was conceptualised where players take a character and meet, flirt, and even have sex with other characters. Some find it more exciting than having Liaisons Sydney style.

Heroes & Maidens: Virtual Unions

A new generation of video games is adding a new layer to the online gaming experience. The storyline now involves romance where heroes and maidens can be intimate with each other. The Daily Dot reported that dalliances started to be a part of video games in the past decade. Over the years, simple love interests scenario between game characters evolved and become more sexual.

Game designers have their own way of incorporating romantic elements in games. For instance, the Fable series lets players work on their relationships with other characters. The evolution of romance in video games reached a point where players can have same-sex relationships, and even polyamorous affairs. The creators of Fallout 4 explored this kind of romance option. Virtual characters can flirt, have sex and have romantic connections with multiple game personas simultaneously.

Marriages also happen in video games. For example, through mods and the support of Dragon Age fans, virtual unions of romanced characters are possible in the game.

Connection Between the Players and their Game Characters

In understanding the relationship of players and their virtual personas, we must focus on the players themselves instead of circling the online realm. One of the reasons why game enthusiasts are ecstatic over heroes and maidens virtual unions is their low self-esteem. In a study involving players of multi-user online role-playing games (MMORPGs), researchers found out that those with low self-esteem compensate their lack of confidence on their virtual characters. Since romance can now happen between heroes and maidens, these players get stuck up with virtual romance rather than their real-life romance. Truth be told, they are missing out a lot.

The environment of virtual games also allows players to express themselves in anonymity and without being judged; hence, the proliferation of polyamorous relationship of game characters and the exploration of ‘odd’ romantic and sexual encounters.