Quick Guide to Google Penalty Recovery- Saving Your Online Business of Charges

When you are in the industry of online business, there are things that you would really need to know in making any actions most especially when you are setting your website to the Google’s Page Ranking. With this, SEO plays a very important role of making your business get better ranking in no time, yet, a simple mistake you are to make corresponds to a penalty that your website will surely suffer, affecting your business and sales. Now, you will be going to know proper ways of preventing things to happen, from getting sued of any reasons you are unaware of and that is through the use of Google penalty recovery, making you capable of recovering your website before it will be charged by Google. Refer to the following information to serve as your guide.

Know the Types of Penalties

There are actually two types of penalties that your online business will be prone to, and the very first thing you must be aware of is that traffic drops do not always mean that you are already penalized, because the majority of cases are just due to technical issues and changes with algorithm.

The first type of penalty is the Manual Type which Google is employing raters with manual quality. They are the ones authorized by Google to give your site the penalty if things happen in fishy ways. Yet, you will never have to worry, for Google will give you full transparency when you are penalized, you will be receiving notice so that you will still be able to save your online business from any charges sometimes you are not even aware of.

The Second type of Penalty is the Algorithmic in which you will not be able to see this with the manual type. Google is very keen regarding with spams and with different types of violations and then you will be penalized. If you have SEO with keywords that are almost necessarily redundant, Google will mark you as spammer.

Identification of Problems and Solution Giving

Now, after you understood your penalty, time for you to respond with an accurate solution. The first thing you do is to fix all the found unnatural links with your website. This time, you may need to hire other services that will give you list of backlinks and find the inbound links. Link detox will give you one sure solution of identifying unnatural links. They may cost you a bit but this will worth your investment.

Asking For Reconsideration

A request for reconsideration may be done when you were penalized manually. As Google will receive your request and the manual rater will reevaluate your site with satisfaction, your site will be free from any penalty given. You may search on how you will be able to send a request for review.

These are simplified guide for you to follow when you always want your website to be free from penalties and charges.